6 quick projects to get your quilting fix during the holiday season

The holidays can be a pretty busy season sometimes, and with that busyness comes less time to quilt (sadly), so we have gathered together a few projects that will let you quilt even in a time crunch.
1. Quilted coasters (two patterns)
Quilted coasters are small, but you can make a lot of them and at various times, so they are a perfect on-and-off project for those busy days when you are in and out of the house. Annie's e-PatternsCentral has an adorable pattern, made to be sweet and simple for this need. Plus, you can change the colors to match any festive event of the year.
* Extra quick tip: Avoid using many different fabrics, because cutting and sewing a large number of small pieces takes a lot of time and can be easy to mess up. Stick to one or two fabrics to make the most out of your quilting time.
The collection of coasters and pot holders below can be found at Geta's Quilting Studio.
2. Wall hangings (two patterns)
A wall hanging might take a little bit more time, but if you have a day off here or there, it's a perfect one-day project that will lift spirits, and this decoration will last way longer than your plastic tinsel. You can get a cute and simple pattern from Fave Quilts that will cheer up anybody's day. The pattern itself isn't directly related to any particular holiday, so can use it for any holiday by changing out the fabric.
* Extra quick tip: If you are machine-quilting, make sure that your wall hanging isn't bunching by holding that section slightly flat and checking to make sure none of the sides are getting caught under the needle.
Another festive pattern is available at Pattern Spot.
3. Table runners (two patterns)
A table runner is a perfect in-between project of the two ideas above. It can be a day project or a little here-and-there project, plus it can make an awesome centerpiece all by itself. Tuning My Heart's table runner from a few years ago is just too cute and a perfect example of how even a little bit of time can go a long way.
* Extra quick tip: If you have a specific place for the table runner in mind, then measure, measure, measure. Not measuring can result in the table runner being too big or too small, and your long, skinny piece of art should be as perfect as possible, so it complements the area and your skills. Measure each side for how long you want it to hang and then measure the length of the top of your surface from end to end. Add those three measurements for the best length to make your table runner.
The pattern for the adorable table runner below can be found at AllPeopleQuilt.
These projects are sweet and simple, and you can make them in a jiffy, which is perfect for your quilting fix this season. These projects are cheaper than most presents you may be buying this year, so they won't break the bank, either. Now in the little free time you have, get quilting!

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