See how to make an awesome self-binding blanket with this super easy technique

Quilting can be used to create gorgeous place mats, table runners, blankets and baby blankets. Unfortunately, many people shy away from quilting because of the work involved. The thought of cutting lots of tiny pieces, sewing them all together and then binding them can be overwhelming to some.
The Missouri Star Quilt Company, started in 2008, is a family-owned business that provides quilting supplies for quilters around the world through its online store. One of its specialties is precut fabric in various shapes and sizes. This makes quilting and other kinds of sewing projects go much faster. Another specialty is its YouTube channel offering tutorials for quilts and other sewing projects. Below is one on creating a self-binding blanket, a technique that saves even more time. Take a few minutes to check it out.
Starting with just two pieces of flannel, one that is 30 inches and one that is 40 inches, you can create a self-binding baby blanket. Find the middle of each side of each piece of flannel and place a pin there. Then, place the right sides of the two flannel pieces together and pin the center points. Start stitching at each center pin and stop 1/4 inch from the end of each corner. Be sure to leave a gap between one center pin and where you begin stitching so that you can turn the blanket through.
Once the stitching is finished, miter the corners. Jenny walks you through the steps. Once the corners are mitered, turn the blanket through and press it, so you have a nice edge. You will have a "binding" once you turn the blanket through. Now, simply set your sewing machine to a fancy stitch and sew along the seam where the two fabrics meet. This will hold the two fabrics together and close the hole used to turn the fabric without having to hand-stitch it.
Your blanket is finished and ready to use. Jenny points out that this tedious part of the project takes about 10 minutes. With a sewing project this simple, no reason exists for people not to try it.